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Hi, Welcome! 

I am so glad that you're here! I am Dr. Maria Mechure and I am a licensed clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor, consultant, and educator. Regardless of the hat I am wearing, I am here for YOU! I strive to help adults and organizations stay true to their core values and thrive. 

Do you ever catch yourself saying...

"I am so sad all the time."

"Everything stresses me out."

"Am I overthinking things?"

"I feel stuck and I don't know what to do." 

"I do not feel confident in myself." 

"My family/friends do not understand what I am going through."


If your answer is yes, consider my services. 

Areas of Expertise

My approach

I offer a culturally sensitive, compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental, and flexible space for you to grieve, heal, grow, and create the life that you want. It is my priority to meet you where you are and adjust the therapy space to what will work best for you. Together, we can work on restoring peace by increasing understanding and compassion for yourself and your painful experiences. Healing is possible and unique to each person. 

Specialty Areas

  • Asian-American mental health

    • Cultural and identity understanding ​

    • Intergenerational trauma, family attachment wounds 

    • Family culture conflicts 

  • Maternal mental health 

    • Infertility distress​

    • Peripartum/postpartum depression and anxiety 

    • Motherhood identity formation

  • Health Psychology

    • Mental health concerns related​ to life altering medical disorder

    • Ex. Cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. 

  • Trauma 

    • Processing difficult experiences

    • Anxiety and depression due to traumatic experiences ​

  • Relationship distress

    • Couple's counseling 

    • Navigating space in a relationship 

    • Communication problems 

  • Grief and loss 

    • Loss of a loved one or pet​




Individual Therapy 

Let's talk. Therapy gives you a non-judgmental space to talk about the hardest emotions and experiences. We can unpack it together and plan where you go from here. 


Rate: $200 per session

**Sliding scale available 

Couples Therapy

With an emotion-focused lens, we can uncover how personal experiences impact relationships. Together, we will increase awareness, and learn and practice communication techniques. 

Rate: $225 per session

**Sliding scale available 



Done with therapy, now what? Coaching offers the space to continue the growing process. The sessions are focused on other life areas such as social and economic stability. 

Rate: $175 per session

**Sliding scale available 


Clinical Consultation

Are you looking to expand your clinical skillset? Seeking clinical input on a particular case? Clinical consultation offers an environment to take your clinical skills to the next level. 

Email for rates



Custom content and curriculum to speak on various topics for individuals or companies. Topics: mental health, grief, or culturally competent treatments.

Email for rates

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation today!

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